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We have beta keys to the Chronicle: Runescape Legends

the coming weeks, is likely to get the largest number of cards, which are the weapons through the gifts of money, and then abruptly cast aside. This year we decided to reverse the trend by giving gifts that you can actually use the card.

Report: RuneScape is a collection of legends playing card game, Jagex future heroes and characters of the game turns on the online game in the long run, Runescape. Skills building surface ships Strategic Lloyd play the game.

The game does not have to pay the full liberalization until what time the next year, but thanks to the people of Jagex, we are involved in a limited number of keys for instant access to the closed beta. Beta is a Windows PC only at this time, but Jagex is trying to get the game on Mac, Linux and mobile phones next year.

We have the gift of the present in order of arrival. To collect the key, just visit the Facebook widget below (ie, facebook account, or login required). We will be happy if even appeared to send a holiday "like" our way, but it's up to you. Enjoyment!

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Publicerat klockan 03:21, den 21 december 2015
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