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Doing it double is going to get extremely messy

Mystery of the Crystal Portal is an absolute waste of COK Gold money in every way. Just avoid it.Shank Release Date Set, Co-op Announced, Trailer Within. The release date and co-op for Shank have been confirmed. Shank will hit LIVE and the PSN on the 25th and 24th of August respectively.The title from klei and EA picked up some buzz and PAX this year and continued to roll all the way through E3. Brad Hilderbrand and I spent time with the Clash of Kings game and its creators while he played (here's his preview) and I prodded with questions. We actually asked them about multiClash of Kings player at the time, but they declined to comment behind massive smiles. Shank did really well for itself at E3, according to the release that revealed this date and sported the trailer. The title picked up all sorts of 'Best of' awards during the show. I can speak to the incredibly art style and silky smooth, violent gameplay.Doing it double is going to get extremely messy, in all the best ways. Plus, the sidekick doing all the kickery as an astounding mustache.With the press release came a quote about the title and its success: "We committed ourselves completely during the development of Shank and it's been extremely gratifying to see the support we've received from the gaming community and press," said Jamie Cheng, CEO of Klei Entertainment. "Watching people play and seeing them smile; it's fantastic to see them latch onto the things we love most about Shank -- the art, the story and of course the Clash of Kings gameplay."More on Shank as it develops.Ubisoft and DC Comics Team Up to Create Driver Comic Book. Today Ubisoft announced a collaboration with DC Comics’ WildStorm Productions to develop a comic book based on the Driver universe. A special “Issue 0” preview edition of the Driver comic will be given away at Comic-Con International 2010 in San Diego this week July 22nd through July 25th at the Ubisoft ( 4245) and DC Comics ( 1915) booths. the Driver comic is set after the cliffhanger ending of Driv3r and just prior to the events of the upcoming DRIVER San Francisco video game. Under the direction of Ubisoft Reflections, DRIVER San Francisco marks the return of the quintessential action driving franchise and its first iteration on the current generation of Clash of Kings Accounts gaming platforms.

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