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FIFA 16 FUT project bonus package worth the effort

we still see many of the questions of fifa coin players, the project FUT is equal to the difference between a player and online.The we played, the more we believe that the system is used by EA is random and one that you can still get some very good package By playing FUT offline.

We project personally I did not see the package Golden Premium, as well as Premium Gold Jumbo pack to win Both now add up to more than 15,000 coins in value, which is an entry fee for FUT Draft.However also seen that other players have had better luck today, and I managed to get Even now pack more expensive players to win such a rare package usually costs a whopping 50,000 coins through the promotion of periods.Above is an example of how to still get the promotional packages rarely play FUT current project Even Pro difficulty half of which is very easy for most players.

We, I've seen many complaints about how the project FUT isn; t worth it ,, but we believe that if you manage to get some of the best pack promotion as a reward. Players Gold premium worth 25,000 coins, and Mega package worth 35,000 coins and package packs a rare player that costs 50,000 coins will be the only turnover of the bonus that does not look at, Jumbo 100,000 players pack a rare understandable.Don, t forget you also have game pieces on top of the bonus package, which makes the project as a whole FUT potentially very rewarding.

It adds that it is certainly a very exciting development of fut 16 coins Team and one player within 85-90 package could change the entire season.Let us what is the best package you received now, the project FUT either online or offline and your thoughts on the overall implementation of the project this year.

Publicerat klockan 02:45, den 17 november 2015
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