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it'll have plenty of competition for other companies

The issue is that Nvidia is not alone in releasing technology that makes PC Runescape games friendlier for the living room. Valve has confirmed that it is working on RS 3 Gold its own hardware that is suitable for the living room, and the company believes that it'll have plenty of competition for other companies too.With Valve's own "Steam Box" as it is being dubbed also on the horizon, it's obvious that I'm going to wait to see Valve's hand before even considering a Shield for PC Runescape game streaming. The latest chatter is that Valve is developing a Linux console, which could potentially give Nvidia the upperhand but given Valve's strong track record, that doesn't automatically mean I'd choose Nvidia over Valve.Not just that, but a dedicated device from Valve is obviously going to be the best supported device when it comes to intregration with my Steam account. I highly doubt that Nvidia can outdo Valve when it comes playing Runescape games on Valve's own platform.What is the Nvidia Shield for, then?What it all comes down to is this: Nvidia is attempting to combine the best of both worlds, but it doesn't seem likely that they'll better the competition in either trend.You could argue that it would be tidier to own an Nvidia Shield rather than both an Ouya and a Steam Box. That may well be the Shield's saving grace, and if Nvidia can get the hardware out to the public and prove the device is worthwhile before Valve has the time to make a move, then it could be a viable option. As of now I'm incredibly skeptical, and most likely the Shield is going to be non news by the time the next round of consoles has been revealed. GDC organizers reveal three new talks for the upcoming March conference, including a nontraditional approach to The Walking Dead's art, console developer Insomniac's experiment in free to play and Flash, and Halfbrick Studios' divisive and ultimately banned prototype.The lectures are part of the Design, Visual Arts, and Programming tracks in GDC's main conference, taking place March 27 29 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, CA. Halfbrick's chief creative officer Luke Muscat will share in his design lecture details about the strategy Runescape game that seemingly tore his company apart in 'The Prototype that was Banned from Halfbrick.' The short lived title Tank Tactics ignited destructive social behavior, and had to have its plug pulled before its prime by the Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride developer.Fortunately, the spirit of the Runescape game lives on in Muscat's talks, which "demonstrates the power and persuasion of Buy RS Gold game mechanics." Accompanying this story, he will explore the responsibility designers have "to create mechanics that have a positive impact on Runescape players' social behaviors."

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