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a clear direction around it

The strongest and most versatile artists of self-defense is to cut looking Spirit Shield, and try to complete each of the groups as a whole. It should also be mentioned that Cheap Blade & Soul Gold during the attack without clothes to make a spectacle to be your enemy, it is required that you are wearing the spirit of your shield to be a special section of your inventory at the active.You mind your shield, making it easy to see how full your own groups, what parts of the group are still needed, and the information on the individual pieces and packed sets.You you also have the ability to compare the configuration spirit shield reserve to create, using a piece Spirit shield you, "I've collected for the construction of an alternative set of statistics and bonuses, especially useful when switch between PVE and PVP gameplay.Your Spirit shield consists of eight separate parts, every corner in a clear direction around it. In all parts of your adventures you pieces that can be used in the spirit of your shield, then increase your performance. Collecting Each piece is also part of the group, and the extra bonuses can be obtained using 3.5 or all eight pieces of the collection, which also allows third and fifth piece options of different groups are mixed and remain matched.To Blade and the ongoing series class spirit week and this week we are going to meet the Blade And Soul game's only pet category: the caller. Page is updated class team the caller and pages of secret Hong Moon Tommy all techniques unknown caller shows. Summoner and are familiar with them Amlnkhvsh mustaches always fight together against the team. Dealt with known opponents in the melee, and draw attention, while the caller attacks from a distance. The majority of callers skills are aimed at aligning it keeps the opponent is rooted in the right place for them famous shredding. Because the caller is vulnerable to damage from a known, they also have defensive skills make a quick escape if they are ever trouble.Due strong affinity with the nature and capabilities of the caller and BNS Gold called the earth and the elements of wind. Not all of the skills they damage associated element, but which does not damage them with the use of the proper materials. Therefore, based on the focus on these types of damage it is beneficial in the long run, especially when you get to the endgame dungeons. Some say that the caller is a key member of a party.

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