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all these for us required this specific camera

So, staying close to him, and using the third person camera view was very critical and very important to us. In several moments, you get an amazing feeling that you can only get by being on the boat, like a man of war charging at you and hitting your boat, or when a rogue wave hits and RS Gold splashes on the deck, or when hear your cannons firing, and the experience of seeing your crew right in front of your eyes, maneuvering to make that happen. You're positioned quite low compared to the ocean, so you actually see these waves and the 3D movement of these waves and all the water effects and so on. So, all these for us required this specific camera. The shooting is interesting. First you have the reload times, which are a bit tricky because in reality it would take probably longer to wield these guns. Then you have the accuracy, where we had to find the right mix of distance to the target and how far the projectile goes. So you can even play with the waves, and if you have the right inclinations, they're going to go further and higher. We had to play a lot with that targeting line that you've seen when you play on the ocean.Also, as you're progressing within the Runescape game, you buy more cannons, and they provide this firepower that gets very impressive. We needed something else, and that something else has been added with the swivel guns. The swivel guns allow us to break the pace of the reloads of your regular cannons. You can shoot at any moment. They reload much faster, and they are much more. It's not a targeting system. We thought about a first person shooting type of mechanic, but again we wanted to stay as Connor as the captain of the ship, so we wanted to do a sort of auto target cannon system. And it adds pacing to the experience, especially when you're trying to be accurate when you shoot.Editor's note: Ubisoft provided travel accommodations in order to facilitate this interview. The Rayman Legends development team has been pictured holding posters that call for Ubisoft to release the long awaited Buy Runescape Gold game, after its parent company delayed the title to bring it to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.The Runescape game was meant to be released at the end of February exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U. However, Ubisoft has now delayed the release until September, as it now plans to release the Runescape game for other platforms as well.A protesting fan called Joffrey Babilotte created banners and took images of Rayman creator Michel Ancel and his Ubisoft Montpellier team holding them. These images have since been posted to Ubisoft's Facebook page.

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