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TERA should likely stay with the PC version

TERA still has no real mid to end game onboarding which is a true shame for incoming new players since they will need to rely on the kindness of strangers or outside forums to find out their appropriate skill rotations. This isn't unique to the MMO genre whatsoever as nearly every game forces you to do this, and having trekked through MMO menus since Ultima Online I'm set. TERA isn't nearly as complicated as the majority of the games on the market -- but you'd think there would be some concerted effort to tote the console crowd Tera Gold .

In terms of how TERA has evolved over the years (and when it is well worth picking up again for those of you who quit ages ago): it has gotten markedly improved in certain ways, but remained stagnant in others. Like most of MMOs it eventually got flying mounts and exploration opened up a little more, but its world is much smaller than it sounds. That world, mind, is mostly stable on consoles, as the sole significant performance problems I ran into happened in hub cities.

Experience gains and questing have been tweaked to allow a better leveling encounter, but Bluehole never actually figured out how to construct a profitable endgame -- largely relegating it to a (gigantic) dungeon grind or (the woefully neglected) PVP battlegrounds. Sadly, the console versions don't have ninja, gunner (my favorite), or valkyrie courses available at their launch: significance, they'll be balanced individually from the up-to-date PC build.

Despite these nitpicks which are unique to the console editions, Tera Gold Xbox One remains absolutely worth trying out if you've never delved into it ahead. It's something that I plan on sticking with on the side as opposed to as a main course, but those of you that are already chowing down TERA should likely stay with the PC version.

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