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Worlds, parties, guilds, alliances and FM auction

My suggestion is mix all game titles so that the remaining players can have fun playing together before the game completely dies. An extra bonus EXP/Drop per party member feature in the celebration tab(to eliminate solo training and bossing).

I ardently believe solo play is the top cause to the dying of maple story. A large majority of people are stopping this game. You know better than I do, that could flood some of those high-end training regions of the game, so an additional 10 channels could be inserted to fix this Buy Maplestory Mesos .

Reinstall the removed attribute "Auction" from KMS patches. This removes the requirement for players to purchase free market shops that lowers profit for your company, but in turn increases appeal amongst players(which may cause some gamers to return which raises overall bought karma koin).

The thing that most people today want in this game is to be on top, to be known and respected. Features are easily added to honor this idea. Guilds may be used for this. The guild attribute has so many possible avenues of expansion that could make this match explode with entertainment. Alliance skills, Alliance wars, Added rankings(instead of 1-5, there might be 1-10) To excite rank.

Upon 50,000 Contribution acquired advance to rank 8. Upon 75,000 contribution acquired advance to rank 7. Upon 100,000 contribution acquired advance to rank 6. Upon 125,000 contribution acquired advance to rank 5. Upon 150,000 contribution acquired advance to rank 4. Upon 175,000 contribution acquired improvement to rank 3. Upon 200,000 contribution acquired advance to rank 2. Rank 1 is clearly and indefinitely guild leader position, which cannot be overtaken by contribution accumulation. Each position could have jurisdiction or a bigger set of abilities over the lower ranks.

For example: Rank 1(Guild Master) could have the ability to vote an alliance war involving another alliance. An alliance war could include a string of Flag races, Jump quests, bossing conducts, point accumulation battle(This would be like the Original monster carnival party pursuit. Each party can utilize items dropped by the monsters to their benefit to beat another team.

The team for the most points by the end of the 10 minute round wins the alliance warfare occasion.) Upon winning an alliance warfare, Their alliance name would gain a fixed amount of points. The alliance with the most points has the highest standing on the alliance warfare board in each town, and the greatest standing alliance get's to have to glory of being number one, but also gets an hourly enthusiast of 2x exp and drop that continues 10minutes, as well as a slight harm% and boss damage% increase for as long as they stay as the reigning alliance.

The alliance wars would reset once a month, Maplestory items to give every alliance a chance to get a head start at the reset. In order for the two alliances to participate in an alliance war, their must be 5 guilds in each alliance, and every alliance has to have a 3/5 yes vote by the guild leaders of each alliance. For instance, Alliance blue has guilds 1-5 and alliance red has guilds 6-10. Guilds 1,2,3 all vote yes to wage an alliance war against alliance reddish. Over 24 hours when guilds 6-10 don't develop with 3/5 yes votes, the invitation is now canceled.

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